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About Adrian

Adrian Alford Photography
My love of photography started at a very early age while growing up on a farm in Queensland, Australia. My trusty little Kodak Instamatic camera (a camera I still have to this day) was continually at work, photographing animals and the surrounding landscape.

Since then I have developed into a professional photographer specialising in landscape, nature and travel photography.

Today I travel the world, following my passion of capturing beautiful images and exploring different cultures sharing my adventures on my YouTube channel.

“Photography to me is not only a passion, but an escape.  Every now and then we all have to be reminded of how beautiful life can be.  Gathering images from around the world, seeing and experiencing different cultures gives me enormous perspective.  From sunrises to sunsets, rivers to oceans, mountains to long sweeping plains, the Earth can really be a show off sometimes, I can’t help but be in awe while capturing it all through a viewfinder.”