Bonjourno Italia – Tuscany – Chianti Hills

Day 1 Tuscany – Ok.  Umm.. wow!  There is a line in the movie Forrest Gump where he was describing his run across America and a beautiful sunrise he saw, “I couldn’t tell where the Earth stopped and Heaven began.”  Well, I think I have found it.  I am based at the small town of Gaiole, Tuscany.  The word “bellissimo” just doesn’t do it justice here.  The colour intensity of the flowers are so bright it hurts your eyes to look at them.  There are roses and flowers in every colour, long fields of olive groves, sunflowers, birds singing, vineyards and hills with old villa farm houses or castles on top of them.  Photographic fodder.  This afternoon we had a light shower of rain and I ventured out to grab some shots after it had stopped.  The water droplets on the flowers were just perfect.


Funny thing on the way here my taxi driver was driving one handed whilst talking on his mobile phone, changing gears and steering with the one hand.  He was speaking in Italian and spoke angrily to the person on the other end of the phone.  He hung up in disgust (I think).  Then the phone rang again.  His ring tone on his Nokia was the Beach Boys – “Surfin USA” original song.  Then he started yelling again.  I just couldn’t help but laugh at the whole thing.


Tomorrow I grab a vespa scooter and hit the road.  Time to explore with the camera.