Day 1 Amalfi Coast

Day 1 Amalfi Coast – After another exhausting day of travelling (boat, plane, bus, taxi) and going from one sea to another, I have arrived in Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy.  Words can’t describe this place, so hopefully my photos will.  As I sit typing this I look up steep rocky cliff faces that are so high they go up through cloud.  The cliffs drop down into the crystal clear blue ocean and along the front is juttered by caves, small beach sections and boats (including large ocean liners).


My hotel is built into the rock and I look along the cliffs and ocean all the way down to Amalfi, tough life.  When you arrive, you enter a small car park that only fits about 10 cars.  Then you enter a small elevator which takes you down to reception.  It’s almost like entering the bat cave.  When the doors open up you go along a tunnel to reveal the sea, incredible.  And as for my room, now I know what it is like to be in an eagle’s nest by the ocean.


I have 4 days to explore here and I intend on going all over Amalfi from Sorrento to Salerno.  I can feel a photo feast coming on, paticularly panoramas – so have camera, backpack, scooter (aka bat bike) time for some fun.