Day 1 Queenstown New Zealand

I will never grow tired of flying into Queenstown New Zealand for as long as I live.  The scenery of the snowy mountains as you fly in is just spectacular!  I’m back in one my favourite places on Earth.  I have been here twice before and this time I have my new camera with a new array of lenses.  This place is a landscape photographers dream.  It is the backdrop for such movies as The Lord of the Rings, Wolverine and The Hobbit, plus countless TV commercials (mainly for cars driving along the Glenorchy Road next to Lake Wakatipu).


As my plane was delayed and I landed only hours before the sunset I was unable to rattle off a quick snapshot for you. But below is a quick shot I took from my room with my iphone.  Going to be hard waking up to this every morning 😉


Stay tuned as I venture around the stunning south island of New Zealand.  Promise I’ll have a shot for you tomorrow.  Take care.


The Remarkables Queenstown