Day 2 Queenstown

It started out a rather gloomy day here in beautiful Queenstown, but quickly turned to bright sunshine mid morning.


My first port of call was to take shots around a small waterfall I found at the end of Queenstown where the road takes you to Glenorchy.  I had my new Nikon 14-24mm lens in action and I can now see why it is such a highly rated lens.  Silky smooth water shots on wide angle with literally no distortion around the edges of frame.  I was very happy with the shots I got.


Next I hit the road to a small town called Cromwell.  Well known as a farming and fruit growing area.  In the early days Cromwell was wide spread with gold miners after gold was discovered in 1862.  This is where I found Lake Dunstan which was surrounded by vintage style homes and snow capped mountains.  What a picturesque spot I stumbled across.  The reflection below says it all…


Lake Dunstan