Day 2 Rome

Day 2 Rome – The perfect day here in the Eternal City.   Blue skies and pleasant temperature greeted me as I started my walk around Rome.


First stop was the Piazza Navona, then I went to the Pantheon which when inside blew my mind.  It is the resting place of the famous painter Rapheal and the open roof lets this beam of sunlight in which made for a great shot with the 10mm lens.  From there I went to the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and then finally to the inside of the Colosseum.  Very impressed with all I saw, but I want to tell of a nice moment I witnessed at the Spanish Steps.  I was at the base where there is a boat fountain.  Two young men came up and stood next to me and one of them was blind.  His friend was explaining to the blind one what he could see.  The expressions of surprise and appreciation on the blind man’s face was almost like he could see it for himself.  Just made me think for a while that you should never take anything for granted and appreciate what you have.


Whilst walking around I noted that it looks like Rome is going to be best photographed at night, so for the next two nights I will be out clicking away.  Full moon tonight, so hopefully should make for some good shots.