Day 2 Scotland

Day 2 Scotland – I began this beautiful Spring day in Scotland by going to the Edinburgh Castle.  Was a fantastic way to start the day.  Loved the place, had stunning views over the city and learnt a tonne of history about Scotland in the process.


Then I hit the road in the Audi at lunch time and began my journey to the Highlands where I will be based for the next 3 days at Invergarry.  On my drive out here I saw endless fields of flowers, lochs, waterfalls, streams, castles, stone bridges, deer, snow, beauty EVERYWHERE!  I will be brief here now as I am speechless when it comes to this place.  I love photographing landscapes and in particular mountains in all sorts of lighting conditions.


The Scottish Highlands to me = A: Photographic Heaven and B: My new home, sorry I am not coming back! 😉