Day 3 Scotland

Day 3 Scotland – Today began at 3am and finished at midnight both at the same location, Eilean Donan Castle.  Sunrise and sunset shots.  Even at midnight it is still light here at this time of year.  It has been overcast all day, so I did not get any more highland mountain shots, hopefully tomorrow.


After finishing shooting this morning at the Isle of Skye I came back to my accom had breakfast then slept for a few hours.  Then I was up and back into it.  Visited, Fort Augustus, Urquhart Castle up in the middle of Loch Ness and then Fort William.  All the way stopping for great photo opportunites.


After speaking with the locals they have given me a good idea of where to head tomorrow for some good highland shots (in good  or bad weather).  Fingers crossed for a bit of sun though.


As each day passes I fall more in love with this place, but it is not just the scenery, it’s the people.  Incredibly friendly, courteous, helpful and funny.