Day 3 Tuscany

Day 3 Tuscany –  Quite a varied weather patch today.  From early morning to midday it was rain.  Gave me a good opportunity to catch my breath, do some lens cleaning and relax a bit.  Then from 12 to 4pm it was bright sunshine.  That was my window of opportunity to get out on the Vespa and head to the high ground for some sweeping high shots over Chianti.  Got some great shots and panoramas.  Along the way I stopped at fields of wild flowers and strolled through them, just me and mother nature, was beautiful.


Once again near 4pm I could see a storm coming and headed back to Gaiole pronto.  I got back to my room just in time to watch an impressive lightning display hit the area.  After the storm passed again sunshine and blue sky, ready for some nice sunset/evening shots.