Day 4 Amalfi Coast

Day 4 Amalfi Coast – Today was a bit more relaxed than yesterday and it is my last on the Amalfi Coast.  I cruised to different parts of Amalfi, including Positano again and stumbled across this magnificent viewpoint up near Agerola.  I took lots of shots here including some panoramas that should turn out quite well.


From there I went back to the Torre a Mare (the medieval sighting tower) where Paolo Sandulli a local artist has his studio.  For an hour he showed me around inside including his works that you could tell he is proud of.  They are slightly Picasso-esque in style and capture Praiano and its residents quite beautifully, very heavily sea themed obviously.  Check them out for yourself here.  I now have a personally signed book of his works to add to my library back home.


For the rest of the day I took a nature walk up into the hills behind my accom.  Once again great views, then lazed in the sun in the afternoon on my balcony.  Full moon here tonight over the sea which should make for some good shots, better get the camera gear ready.  Oh and luck is on my side once again.  Tonight there is some large festival celebrating Amalfi, fireworks, bands etc.  Better do the right thing and join in the festivities, you know while in Rome.. oh hang on, that’s the next stop 🙂