Day 4 Cook Islands

East RarotongaUp again early to do some sunrise shots around a group of large rocks I found.  Was a wonderful sunrise and am very happy with the shots I got.  I also had the GoPro Hero 3 doing a timelapse which I can’t wait to put together when I get home.


From there I started doing more shots for the new Slim Birdy website.  Had lots and lots of fun!  Looking forward to seeing the website when it is completed with photos done by yours truly.


Once that was done the weather became overcast.  I found this dramtic landscape (black jagged lava that had frozen upon hitting the shoreline many centuries ago) and began to take shots with my ND filter.  I got some terrific shots as the waves smashed up against the rocks.  I even got smashed myself, embarassing.. all captured on video too!


Once again no good for the sunnset as was overcast.  Time to sit back with a cocktail and enjoy the evening in paradise 🙂