Day 4 Lake Como

Day 4 Lake Como – Today was a great day here in Lake Como.  Sadly, it is my last, but I did make the most of it.


It started off doing a quick job for Bellagio Water Taxis.  Jennine had organised her friend Lesley to model for us along with Luca cruising out on one of his glorious boats.  Lesley looked absolutely stunning as we cruised along past the front of Bellagio, sitting back relaxed enjoying the view.  We achieved some magnificent shots and keep an eye out as they will be loaded up to the Bellagio Water Taxis site very soon.


After the shoot, I went back into holiday mode and strolled around and enjoyed everything Bellagio has to offer.  It is such a relaxed lifestyle here, you can’t help but feel some jealousy for those lucky ones that actually live here.


Once again the day was finished off with dinner at La Punta Ristorante.  If you are ever in Bellagio Lake Como, make sure you go to dinner there at least once.  The views are just spectacular, the food and service brilliant and it is away from the main strip of Bellagio, so you do not get any sort of road noise disturbing your dinner.


Much love to you Lake Como and the new friends I have made, thanks for a great time!