Day 4 Rome

Day 4 Rome – Today is my last day in Rome, as well Italy.  Sad to leave as I have encountered so much beauty here and made great new friends.


I started the day off by visiting another country and the smallest in the world in fact, Vatican City.  Such incredible history in just one large area.  I went into the Vatican Museum and witnessed some of the most amazing artworks, including of course the masterpiece Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.  Then it was onto St Peter’s Basilica the large church which is built upon the apostle Peter’s tomb.


After the Vatican I went onto the Castel Sant Angelo.  A rather large fortress commisioned by the Emporor Hadrian (cool name) near the river.  Over the years it has had many uses including a Pope’s residence and pretty brutal prison.  Hadrian’s tomb is here and from the top of the fortress you have one of the most amazing views of Rome.  This is where I finally blew a history chip in my head.  I just couldn’t remember everything I had seen and heard.  You walk two steps in Rome and there is some unique piece of history waiting to tell its tale.  So I headed back to my hotel.


In the afternoon I put down the camera and went for an open bus ride around all of Rome.  Was relaxing and a great way to end my time here.


Grazie mille Italia.  Magnifico e bellissomo!