Day 4 Tuscany

Day 4 Tuscany – Well, another brilliant day!  Had so much fun and went through a whole tank of fuel on the Vespa.  I went to so many places.  Here’s the one thing that may surprise some – I ended up in Siena!  What a beautiful city, here I am riding through the busy traffic without a clue where I am going, funny stuff.  I ended up stopping at the Basilica of San Domenico.  Just pulled up at the front door (as ya do) beeping all the other hundred or so tourists out the way (haha) and went inside.  I walked around the city for a bit, rattled off some shots, then hit the road back towards Gaiole.  I stopped at Brolio Castello on the way back.  What an amazing place!  You see views over the entire landscape back to Siena, vineyards for as far as the eye could see and had the most beautiful little chapel (St. Jacopo) in it.  There is so much history on the place I’d be here typing forever.  You can find info here about it, but it was very fascinating.


Caught up with Luca in Gaiole again for a quick cappuccino that he bought me (that guy really does take such good care of his clients).  He told me of how the nazis used Brolio Castello in WW2 as a headquarters and strategic base to see anything coming across the landscape, just like it was designed to do upon building back in 1000 A.D.  From there I took the high road to Monteluca (sensational ride and views), then had a late lunch at the cutest little spot in Vertine.  Best lasagne I have ever had, delicious!


I have had THE best time here in the Chianti Hils and I have some amazing shots to prove it.  From wide sweeping landscapes, small waterfalls, villas covered in climbing roses, night and dawn shots, vineyards, flowers, you name it, I shot it.  Hardest thing I’ve had to do for a while, handing back the keys to the Vespa.