Day 4 Venice

Day 4 Venice – Today was my last day in Venice and it was also the best.


It started early up at 5am and the great thing about that was I had St Mark’s Square all to myself.  That meant I could get some good wide shots without any people in them.  It also gave me the opportunity to just take in the beautiful designs on the buildings and think about the history that was attached to them.  As the sun came up it gave everything a subtle glow.  Such a contrast between when the place is full of tourists and when it is empty.  I’ll take the empty option anyday.


After that I headed back to my hotel for breakfast.  I put down the camera, went and bought myself a one day vaporetto (ferry) pass and just went  around all of Venice exploring.  I took on the attitude of if I see any ferry (and it’s not on its side) just jump aboard and go where it takes me.  I strolled through different areas including fresh fruit and fish markets, the old Jewish settlement area and basically anywhere I felt like stopping.  Was great fun.


In the evening I went for a 1 hour gondola ride around the central canals.  Got some great wide angle shots.  It was the perfect way to end my time here in Venice.


* Please note – if you ever want to have some fun in Venice, just hold a flag on a stick and walk through St Mark’s Square.  You’ll find by the time you get to the other end you’ll have a hundred tourists following you.