Day 5 Cook Islands

AvaruaUp early again to do  more sunrise shots.  This time I found this perfect spot with a single palm tree low to the beach.  I worked around that getting various shots.


Then I hit the road on the scooter.  I stopped at various locations around Rarotonga grabbing shots, including secluded beaches, Wigmore’s Waterfall, Black Rock (got a FANTASTIC panorama here with the aqua blue ocean), and around the main town of Avarua.


In the afternoon, I took the GoPro diving and got some more great shots of star fish, coral and fish.  Well, when in paradise…


And that was where my day ended abruptly as I strained my right foot/ankle while diving. Twisted the wrong way while standing up to get into my kayak (that’s life).  Had to rest up and go into repair mode pretty quickly.  It was lucky the injury happened when it did anyway as a large rain storm came in and swamped everything, so was still not able to get my elusive sunset shot or any shots for that matter.


Time to rest up, repair, and oh, is that another cocktail calling? 🙂