Day 5 Paris

Day 5 Paris started off early to see the Palace of Versailles.  As I walked down the corridor from my room the concierge was delivering the morning paper to guest doors.  “Bonjour Monsieur”.  I don’t think I could ever tire of hearing that.  Taking on board a friends advice to go early to the Versailles paid off as I could walk around the acres of garden grounds with hardly anyone else in sight.  I was able to take wide and high shots showing the large well sculptured and manicured areas without people in them.

For those of you who don’t know the Versailles you can find info here about it.  In short the Versailles is basically opulence on steroids.  What an amazing display of 17th and 18th century french art and architecture.  I found myself entering into different sections/rooms and continually saying to myself, “you gotta to be kidding!”  Only by seeing it in reality can you take in all the spleandour of when Louis XIV in 1661 decided to turn a chateau into something a tad larger.