Day 7 Cook Islands

No clear skies last night, but I worked out the star trail would not have worked anyway as the island foreground I was aiming at having was in the wrong spot to align with the north star.


An overcast morning turned into a brilliant day (blue skies and even bluer water!) so being the last day I made the absolute most of it.  I kayaked out to another island in the lagoon and took some great shots along the shoreline including a panorama looking back towards Rarotonga.  I discovered a steamer ship wreck out near the breakers on the reef as well.  Took some nice eery stills with the GoPro on the rusting hull.


Got an amazing panorama of Muri lagoon and also finished the first part of my video which will be up on this website mid 2013 under “About Adrian”


In the afternoon I went for a stroll into the mountains and grabbed various shots from close ups of natural growing tropical fruit, flowers and some wildlife.  In the process I got sunburnt to a crisp from the day, but it was worth it.  Was really happy with the shots I’ve taken.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here in the Cook Islands.  Met some fantastic people and made new friends.  If you’re ever staying here make sure you chat to Vina at Muri Beach Hideaway.  She is wonderful and ensures a relaxing, friendly and hassle free stay, make sure you ask for Unit 1 right on the beach, AMAZING! 😉


I hope to come back here one day and visit more of the surrounding islands, but for now it is time to pack up and get ready for the next adventure.  Stay tuned coming July 2013, where will it be?