Epic storm crushes Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

I first noticed the storm on a radar app on my iPhone while shopping at Westfield Chermside and started to think to myself, this is going to be BIG! I made my way out to Woody Point jetty near Redcliffe in Queensland, Australia. Once there I quickly had an a bite to eat as I knew I was about to get very busy with the Nikon D850. I began to watch across the water and saw the storm front coming straight towards me. Immediately seeing the sheer size of the front I thought the only way I’m going to be able to capture this is via panoramas. So I took 2 grouped shots from 2 different angles – 11 individual portrait style shots stitched together in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Below are the results…

Brisbane Storm 21st December 2018 – Woody Point jetty
Brisbane Storm 21st December 2018 – Approaching Woody Point jetty.
Brisbane Storm 21st December 2018 – Dwarfing the cranes at the Port of Brisbane.