If I Were Allowed Just One Filter – I’d Have This ONE!

If I could have one filter in my camera bag, this one would be it! Reason being is because it is versatile for so many forms of photography. Haida’s ProII CPL and VND 2 in 1 filter comes in 67mm, 77mm and 82mm filter thread sizes. Having a circular polariser and variable ND filter all rolled into just one filter covers you for things like waterfalls, landscapes, long exposures, just to name a few. If you were beginning in photography and you find filters daunting and confusing, then maybe this one filter should be good enough for all your needs.

New PROII CPL-VND 2 in 1 Filter – https://haidaphoto.com/en/story001-1627.html

Australian distributor: https://www.maxxum.com.au/brand/haida/

Website: https://haidaphoto.com/en/

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Haida ProII CPL & VND 2 in 1 Filter
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