Nikon D750 | WHY I Will NEVER Sell This Camera!

The Nikon D750 is old, it’s slow, it’s even no longer being manufactured by Nikon, yet I LOVE it! In this video I chat about the reasons why I will NEVER sell this camera and how I intend to use it in the years to come.

In this Nikon D750 why I will never sell this camera video. I talk about the D750’s image quality in both stills and video. There’s no doubt about it’s reliability, ergonomics and usability for so many types of photography. Nikon D750, why I will never sell this camera, click the thumbnail to watch the video below.

I’ve also made other videos using the Nikon D750 where I show you my settings for things like, landscape, astro, birds and wildlife photography. You can find that video playlist at the end of this video. So if you want some tips, check it out!

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All video footage and photographic images are © Adrian Alford.

Nikon D750 2023 Review
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