Nikon Z50 + Viltrox 13mm F1.4 Z Lens Astrophotography

Decided to test the Nikon Z50 + Viltrox AF 13mm F1.4 Z mount lens for some astrophotography. In my recent review of this wide angle Viltrox 13mm lens for the Nikon Z50, Zfc and Z30 cameras, I mentioned I was looking forward to testing it out for astro. Found a couple of dark locations near me and had relatively good conditions with cold weather and clear skies. I got up at 3am and headed out with this little astro combo.

With the release of the new APS-C Nikon Z30, again this Viltrox lens will prove very popular for those wanting a budget wide angle lens to vlog, do landscape, architecture, astro or street photography. No doubt being a budget lens in these harsher economic times will draw more sales.

The Nikon Z50 Astrophotography tests actually surprised me a little. I found the best apertures for clarity and sharpness were F2 to F2.8.

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Nikon Z50 Astrophotography
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