• Mavic Pro 4K Iceland

    Mavic Pro 4K Iceland is a cinematic look at this beautiful country from the air. I filmed this during the month of September, the beginning of the aurora and wet season at different locations right around Iceland.

    Click on the pic below to go straight to the video.  Enjoy 🙂

    #MavicPro #Iceland #Drone4K

    Iceland from the air as you’ve never seen it before!
  • Photographing Iceland – Northern Lights

    Landscape Photography – Photographing Iceland Ep #20. After doing my recce of all the places I wanted to photograph with the northern lights during the day, it was time to go out in the night and capture all the action. See the resulting images…


    Check out the video now, click the pic below 🙂


    #Iceland #Photography #NorthernLights


    aurora photography