• Astro Photography | Tasman Lake | New Zealand

    In this video I visit Tasman Lake in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. This would easily have to be one of the best astro photography sessions I’ve ever had, even though I didn’t have the exact lens I needed with me. But at the end of the day, you make the most of the camera gear and lenses you’re travelling with. Dead batteries, frozen cameras, it was all happening. Please enjoy this awesome location 🙂

    Tasman Lake New Zealand
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  • Astro Photography | Lake Bonney | South Australia

    Will never forget this night any time soon. Perfect conditions, pitch black skies, cool weather and an awesome Australian landscape. In this video I show you how I find and compose my Milky Way shots for Astro Photography and share my camera settings and tips to get great shots.

    Astro Photography
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