• Landscape Photography | Sunrise Lake Bonney | South Australia

    Up early and back into it around beautiful Lake Bonney in South Australia. I was astounded at the amount of birdlife that surrounded me while I was capturing the sunrise. The Nikon D850 really is in it’s element here and I have to admit it’s my favourite camera of all time. Enjoy the video, cheers!

    Lake Bonney
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  • Landscape Photography | Lake Bonney | South Australia

    For some time I’ve wanted to photograph this awesome location in my home country. In this short series of videos I visit Lake Bonney Riverland in Barmera, South Australia. For a week I got to photograph some amazing landscape, along with wildlife and even some astro photography. I hope you enjoy the series. Many thanks for watching and subscribing. Cheers guys!

    Lake Bonney
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