• BEST Travel Tripod 2022 | Just BRILLIANT!

    I think this is the best travel tripod I’ve ever used! The Ulanzi and Coman Zero Y carbon fibre travel tripod is light weight, packed full of features. It even comes with spikes you can change out the rubber feet for. This tripod has definitely become part of my light weight landscape photography kit that I take on long hikes or for travelling overseas.

    I know from the many years of experience travelling, having a light weight photography set up is like gold! You don’t feel like a pack mule going up some mountain side to catch an epic sunrise. And you don’t wake up in the morning at your destination feeling like your lower back has gone twelve rounds with Rocky Balboa!

    Ulanzi & Coman Zero Y Travel Tripod Amazon link here: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0B8SNSDHM

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    Best Travel Tripod EVER!
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  • What is the BEST Travel Tripod?

    In this video I have a look at what is the best travel tripod for you. I check out 3 of the most popular light weight tripods on the market to see what would be the best travel tripod for you and your type of camera. If you’re a vlogger, travel adventurer or even a landscape photographer, then you might find this information helpful to choose which travel tripod is best for you.

    the best travel tripod 2020
    What is the best travel tripod? Click the pic to see the video on my YouTube channel 🙂