• Nikon D850 & Z50 | Moon Eclipse | 8 November 2022

    Nikon D850 & Z50 photos and 4K video of the moon eclipse as seen from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Pretty amazing to watch it all unfold and we were lucky the moon eclipse started and ended in this part of the world at a reasonable hour. The November 8 moon eclipse is the last full moon eclipse we’ll see until 2025.

    Check out my video below showing the November 8 moon eclipse unfold. Just such a shame the clouds came into the shots a little later on during the eclipse. Both the D850 and Z50 performed really well on the night. I mainly used the Z50 for the 4K video which I was able to crop in on. I used the D850 for the stills side of things. Just like clockwork the eclipse started at 7pm and the full eclipse covering the moon started at 8:15pm. I meant to say the reason why the moon goes red during these eclipses is because as the sun’s rays come through the Earth’s atmosphere it casts that colour shadow onto the moon.

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    All video footage and photographic images are © Adrian Alford.

    Moon Eclipse November 8 2022
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