• Nikon D850 | Making The Most Of A Bad Situation!

    I was out with my Nikon D850 recently and was on vacation at the time with my wife. Innocently, I forgot to take all my photo gear with me, aka camera bag, tripod, filters, pano gear etc on an outing. Reason for that was because I did not intend to use the D850 for any “real” photography per se. More of a recon mission sussing out locations and getting ideas of framing etc. The weather however abruptly turned ugly and a massive rain storm came towards us from across the ocean. It was SPECTACULAR! But I did not have all my D850 gear 🙁 I made the most of bad…

  • Nikon D850 Chasing the TINY Double-barred Finch

    In this video I give chase to the illusive little double-barred finch with my Nikon D850. These guys move so fast only stopping very briefly to chat to one another or have a bit of a scratch or prune of their feathers. They hide and feed in dense foliage of long grass, weeds and bush scrub. Patience is the key and you have to wait for them to come to you after placing yourself in their habitat. I team the D850 together with my Nikon 80-400mm lens, a versatile lens for moving quickly and lightly. It took some time for this video to eventuate because I really thought I wasn’t…

  • Why I Still LOVE My Nikon D850 in 2022

    In this video I talk about the many reasons why I still love my Nikon D850 in 2022. Since being released in 2017, the D850 has been described as one of the best DSLR cameras ever made. I agree with that. To me the Nikon D850 is still amazing to this day when it comes to the different types of photography I like to do. That includes landscape photography, bird photography, wildlife photography and more. If you look more on my YouTube channel you’ll see there is a lot of videos on the D850, not just this one. So if you’re a fan of the camera, please feel free to…

  • Nikon D850 | BEST Bird Photography Location EVER!

    Using my Nikon D850 I venture into what I would have to describe as the BEST bird photography location I’ve ever been to. And the crazy thing is I just scratched the surface in terms of the species that were on offer to photograph. For about the third time in just over two years I filled both my SD and XQD memory cards on the D850. The Nikon D850 performed really well as usual. Always impressed by the image quality and dynamic range of this camera.

  • Nikon D850 | My Long Exposure Landscape Photography Technique

    This is the technique and steps I use with my Nikon D850 doing long exposure landscape photography. I’ve had some requests from subscribers on how to do long exposure photography with the D850 as they were having some trouble with their shots turning out with soft focus and with either over or under exposure. In this video I’ll show you my easy D850 step by step long exposure techniques, that will get you the results you want in landscape photography.

  • Nikon D850 | Minimalist Long Exposure | Landscape Photography

    In this video I use my Nikon D850 to do some minimalist long exposure landscape photography. Often I don’t shoot landscape photography just in wide angle, instead opting for closer more specific objects or patterns. Using the D850 I decided to go for a long exposure shot to help smooth out the water that my main subject was in.

  • Nikon D850 | Reflection Perfection | Landscape Photography

    In achieving this Nikon D850 reflection perfection shot there were a lot of aspects that had to be right in terms of location, timing and weather. I took the D850 to Beachmere in Australia for a sunset shoot. I have been to Beachmere before (if you have followed my channel) for sunrises and bird photography. I knew the reflection shot I wanted to create, but I had to cross my fingers everything was perfect in my planning. The Nikon D850 as always performed brilliantly in combination with my small Manfrotto travel tripod. The D850 image resolution and just general ease of use always makes landscape photography a pleasure.

  • Nikon D850 | Wild Horse Mountain Sunset | I’m SPEECHLESS!

    I head up to Wild Horse Mountain in Queensland, Australia for a sunset with the Nikon D850. I was just not prepared (literally) for what was about to unfold before me in this sunset shoot. I did not have my usual D850 kit with me, so had to make do with the tripod and gear I had in my camera bag. Thank goodness I decided to stop and capture this. The Nikon D850 as always performed brilliantly and I’m so impressed with the dynamic range and quality the D850 produces.

  • Bay of Fires Tasmania | Landscape Photography

    Experiencing and photographing the Bay of Fires in Binalong Bay Tasmania is something I’ll never forget. From sunrise to sunset the bay always had something to offer visually. I hope you enjoy the Bay of Fires in this video as much as I did. Click the pic below to see on my YouTube channel 🙂

  • Nikon D850 | Landscape Photography | Lavender Farm Sunset

    The Nikon D850 is my go to camera for landscape photography. When placed into a magic environment such as the Bridestowe Lavender Estate during full bloom in Tasmania, Australia, chances are you’re going to get some good shots. A beautiful sunset I’ll always remember. Now available to watch on my YouTube channel, click the pic below to go straight to the video 🙂