• Day 2 Paris

    Day 2 Paris started at 5am and I ventured to the Louvre and Notre Dame to get some sunrise shots.  On my way I stopped at the fountains of de la Concorde.  Being so early on a Monday there was no one else around so I felt I had all of Paris to myself to play in.  The morning light is beautiful here giving a subtle glow to everything.  Was very happy with some of the images I captured.


    During the day I visited the Grand Palace.  Currently it is holding the Daniel Buren Monumenta 2012.  It is huge inside and the 10mm lens came into play beautifully.


    Tonight I ventured to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe for some night shots. Just magic everywhere!  Extremely happy with the shots.


    Photography aside, I have a new found love in the food department.  Fresh made chocolat crepes!