• Nikon D750 + Nikon 80-400mm | Long Lens Sunset Photography

    No secret, I love my Nikon D750 for sunset photography. One of the many reasons why I have not sold it is because of its reliability, dynamic range and wonderful image quality. In this video I combine the camera with my Nikon AF-S 80-400mm lens for some sunset photography at Bargara in Queensland, Australia.

    Using my Nikon D750 for sunset photography in this video, made me aware of just how much I really love using this great little camera. I first bought this camera back in 2017 as a backup for my D850. I realised very quickly this D750 was magical for doing both photos and video, and I’ve used it regularly to film vlogs on my YouTube channel. Even though it has a 24MP sensor it makes for brilliant low light photography. I have now created a D750 video playlist on my YouTube channel and it is at the end of this video below. So if you own or are thinking about buying a D750, then check it out and you might pick up a tip or two here and there in that video playlist. Hope this helps you and enjoy the D750 for what it is, a fantastic little camera.

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    All video footage and photographic images are © Adrian Alford.

    Nikon D750
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