• Day 4 Queenstown

    Today will go down as one of the BEST photographic days I’ve ever had.  Picture perfect weather along with mother nature turning it on in real style.  My journey took me from Queenstown up to Mount Cook.  Just so much happened it would take me forever to type everything, so here’s a short version for you:


    * Started at dawn – firstly found a mini oasis of a waterfall over rocks at a place called Roaring Meg.

    * Mist on and sunrays through cloud upon Lake Dunstan near Cromwell.

    * Panoramas of snow capped mountains near Lindis Pass.

    *Mount Cook National Park – Shots around Lake Pukaki and Mount Cook itself.

    *Lake Takepo – Good Sheppard Church shots and shots around the lake.

    *Night/star shots of the Good Sheppard Church

    *Night/star shots of Lindis Pass


    I can’t wait to show you all the shots on my website.  Had so much fun along the way too today.

    Now super tired and ready for bed after a massive 7 hour drive with photos in between.  Good night to you all 🙂


    Roaring Meg

  • Day 3 Queenstown

    An absolutely stunning day here in Queenstown New Zealand!


    The day began with a trip out to the gorgeous Wanaka via the short cut up and over the Alpine Ranges.  There were many stunning vantage points looking back over the valley, perfect for my first panorama.


    First things first, as I drove into Wanaka I visited my favourite little bakery that I had discovered years ago and ordered the usual.  Meat pie and cream filled donut (trust me I don’t always eat this bad).  From there I went across the road to Lake Wanaka.  If you are ever visiting the south island of New Zealand you MUST visit here.  The scenery is jaw dropping.  Very happy with the shots I obtained including a terrific collection of shots around this lonely little tree protruding from the lake.


    I then hit the road and headed back to Queenstown, but kept going to get to a small remote lake called Moke.  I can’t wait to put the panoramic shots I got here together.  Perfect mirrored image mountains for 180 degrees.  Got a little hairy going out to here due to snow and ice on the dirt road, but it was so worth it!


    In the evening I took the Queenstown skyline gondola to the top of the mountain which overlooks the town.  Beautiful sunset shots with colours of pink and purple in the sky above The Remarkables mountain range.  What a glorious way to end a magnificent day.  Just love this place to bits!


    Queenstown Evening



  • Day 2 Queenstown

    It started out a rather gloomy day here in beautiful Queenstown, but quickly turned to bright sunshine mid morning.


    My first port of call was to take shots around a small waterfall I found at the end of Queenstown where the road takes you to Glenorchy.  I had my new Nikon 14-24mm lens in action and I can now see why it is such a highly rated lens.  Silky smooth water shots on wide angle with literally no distortion around the edges of frame.  I was very happy with the shots I got.


    Next I hit the road to a small town called Cromwell.  Well known as a farming and fruit growing area.  In the early days Cromwell was wide spread with gold miners after gold was discovered in 1862.  This is where I found Lake Dunstan which was surrounded by vintage style homes and snow capped mountains.  What a picturesque spot I stumbled across.  The reflection below says it all…


    Lake Dunstan

  • Day 1 Queenstown New Zealand

    I will never grow tired of flying into Queenstown New Zealand for as long as I live.  The scenery of the snowy mountains as you fly in is just spectacular!  I’m back in one my favourite places on Earth.  I have been here twice before and this time I have my new camera with a new array of lenses.  This place is a landscape photographers dream.  It is the backdrop for such movies as The Lord of the Rings, Wolverine and The Hobbit, plus countless TV commercials (mainly for cars driving along the Glenorchy Road next to Lake Wakatipu).


    As my plane was delayed and I landed only hours before the sunset I was unable to rattle off a quick snapshot for you. But below is a quick shot I took from my room with my iphone.  Going to be hard waking up to this every morning 😉


    Stay tuned as I venture around the stunning south island of New Zealand.  Promise I’ll have a shot for you tomorrow.  Take care.


    The Remarkables Queenstown