• Landscape Photography | The Devil’s Pulpit | Scotland

    Before making the long journey back home to Australia I had a few hours to kill before my plane took off. I decided to head to the Devil’s Pulpit at Finnich Glen just outside of Glasgow. I’m so glad I did! What a magic way to end an epic trip. PS. No, I did not wear my waders onto the plane. Click the pic below to go to the video on my YouTube channel.

  • Landscape Photography | Eilean Donan Castle Sunset | Scotland

    I first visited Eilean Donan Castle in June 2012. Unfortunately I didn’t get the shot I was really after back then due to time constraints and lack of darkness hours (20 hours of daylight). The tide was all wrong back then as well. This time I’m determined to get the shot I’m after. Click the pic below to go straight to see the video on my YouTube channel 🙂 #LandscapePhotography #Scotland #EileanDonanCastle

  • Landscape Photography | Fairy Pools | Scotland

    I’ve been wanting to photograph the beautiful Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in Scotland for some time. The water was bitterly cold and although not that deep as I discovered, I had waders which enabled me to stay in position long enough to get the shot. Oh, and talk to you lovely people as well. Click the pic below to go to the video on my YouTube channel 🙂

  • Landscape Photography | Epic Quiraing Sunrise | Scotland

    Starting off on my landscape photography adventure through Scotland I visit the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. Thinking the sunrise was going to be a complete and utter dud I discovered very quickly I have never been so WRONG! Side note: the wind was INSANE, sorry for any bumpy footage. Click the pic below to go straight to the video on my YouTube channel 🙂 #LandscapePhotography #Scotland #Quiraing

  • Day 5 Scotland

    Day 5 Scotland – What’s this?  Still in Scotland after yesterday was supposed to be my last day here?  Well, it was supposed to be.   I awoke at 5am to rays of sunshine coming through my window at Invergarry.  For the last 3 days I have been hoping for sun, but only got overcast and showery days.  So the decision was made.  I rang the airline and my London transfers people and got onto a later flight arriving at 9pm.  That gave me a day of sunshine to go and shoot the highlands, and I am so glad I did.  Had the best day shooting and for the second time…

  • Day 4 Scotland

    Day 4 Scotland – Today very sadly is my last day in Scotland (sigh).   I began the day at the Nevis Range where I went up in the gondola to the top.  No views, as I was in thick cloud, but got some great shots of the landscape that will look quite good and eerie in black and white.   Then I went to Glencoe.  Once again more stunning mountains, but in particular stumbled across this great waterfall which I spent time getting shots around.   After lunch I decided to explore the highlands between Invergarry and Dornie.  I found this one particular mountain and decided to climb to the top.  It…

  • Day 3 Scotland

    Day 3 Scotland – Today began at 3am and finished at midnight both at the same location, Eilean Donan Castle.  Sunrise and sunset shots.  Even at midnight it is still light here at this time of year.  It has been overcast all day, so I did not get any more highland mountain shots, hopefully tomorrow.   After finishing shooting this morning at the Isle of Skye I came back to my accom had breakfast then slept for a few hours.  Then I was up and back into it.  Visited, Fort Augustus, Urquhart Castle up in the middle of Loch Ness and then Fort William.  All the way stopping for great photo…

  • Day 2 Scotland

    Day 2 Scotland – I began this beautiful Spring day in Scotland by going to the Edinburgh Castle.  Was a fantastic way to start the day.  Loved the place, had stunning views over the city and learnt a tonne of history about Scotland in the process.   Then I hit the road in the Audi at lunch time and began my journey to the Highlands where I will be based for the next 3 days at Invergarry.  On my drive out here I saw endless fields of flowers, lochs, waterfalls, streams, castles, stone bridges, deer, snow, beauty EVERYWHERE!  I will be brief here now as I am speechless when it comes…