• Nikon D850 | The PERFECT Sunrise | Landscape Photography

    I took the Nikon D850 to Beachmere in Queensland, Australia for a sunrise shoot. My efforts for getting up early paid off with one of the most stunning sunrises I’ve ever seen. The D850 performed so well. Always amazed at the image detail, low light focusing, dynamic range and colour it can capture. I can highly recommend the Nikon D850 as a landscape photography camera.

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  • Bay of Fires Tasmania | Landscape Photography

    Experiencing and photographing the Bay of Fires in Binalong Bay Tasmania is something I’ll never forget. From sunrise to sunset the bay always had something to offer visually. I hope you enjoy the Bay of Fires in this video as much as I did.

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    Bay of Fires
  • Landscape Photography | Tasman Lake Sunrise | New Zealand

    In this video I head back out to Tasman Lake in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand for the sunrise. Seeing this beautiful lake at first light really is special. I found this large chunk of ice on the shoreline which resembled a rose in full bloom, so I used that as my foreground interest. I decided to experiment with some long exposure photography and was really happy with the results.

    New Zealand Photography
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  • Landscape Photography | Sunrise Lake Bonney | South Australia

    Up early and back into it around beautiful Lake Bonney in South Australia. I was astounded at the amount of birdlife that surrounded me while I was capturing the sunrise. The Nikon D850 really is in it’s element here and I have to admit it’s my favourite camera of all time. Enjoy the video, cheers!

    Lake Bonney
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  • Nikon D850 | Bargara Road Trip | Australia

    After purchasing my brand new Nikon D850 I decided to put it to the test with a road trip to my old home town of Bargara in Queensland, Australia. Located on the southern tip of the world famous Great Barrier Reef, I photographed a sunrise from the volcanic shoreline only one street away from where I used to live. Enjoy the journey.

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    Nikon D850
    Capturing the sunrise with the Nikon D850
  • Photographing Iceland – Sunrise on Diamond Beach

    Landscape Photography – Photographing Iceland Ep #11. Sunrise photography at Diamond Beach in Iceland is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Smashing waves on large icebergs, swamped camera gear, black sand and some of the most amazing images I’ve ever captured. Enjoy!


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    Diamond Beach Iceland