• Nikon D850 | Wild Horse Mountain Sunset | I’m SPEECHLESS!

    I head up to Wild Horse Mountain in Queensland, Australia for a sunset with the Nikon D850. I was just not prepared (literally) for what was about to unfold before me in this sunset shoot. I did not have my usual D850 kit with me, so had to make do with the tripod and gear I had in my camera bag. Thank goodness I decided to stop and capture this. The Nikon D850 as always performed brilliantly and I’m so impressed with the dynamic range and quality the D850 produces.

    Glass House Mountains
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  • The MAD Sunset Dash | Nikon D850 | Landscape Photography

    I just had to make the mad sunset dash to my local lake because from all the signs, the sky and cloud were going to put on a show. I grabbed my Nikon D850 (my favourite landscape photography camera) and was so excited to see what the sunset was going to do. Hope you enjoy this sunset photography video. Had a lot of fun making it.

    Sunset Photography
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