• Travel Photography TIPS

    With these 5 simple travel photography tips, your photos can take on a whole new look. You can achieve great travel photos using any sort of camera! Using these travel photography tips, I show you how you can snap awesome photos from your mobile phone or point and shoot compact camera.

    Travel Photography Tips
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  • TOP 5 New Zealand Photography Locations

    My TOP 5 New Zealand Photography Locations. Over the last 12 years these locations on the south island have been the most successful for me when it comes to photography. I decided to share so you, your family or friends can hopefully enjoy the same experience. Please feel free to share this video with someone you may know who is travelling to New Zealand.

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  • New Zealand | Photographing Middle Earth | Trailer

    This is the trailer for my new upcoming web series on landscape photography travelling around the south island of New Zealand. For two weeks I journeyed this beautiful island, photographing some of the most amazing landscapes. Mountains, glacial lakes, rugged hiking trails and I even stop by and photograph some of the Lord of the Rings movie locations. Stay tuned for an awesome adventure.

    New Zealand
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  • Landscape Photography | Lake Bonney | South Australia

    For some time I’ve wanted to photograph this awesome location in my home country. In this short series of videos I visit Lake Bonney Riverland in Barmera, South Australia. For a week I got to photograph some amazing landscape, along with wildlife and even some astro photography. I hope you enjoy the series. Many thanks for watching and subscribing. Cheers guys!

    Lake Bonney
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  • The BEST Travel Lens

    If you “HAD” to choose just ONE lens to travel with and nothing else, what would it be? In this video I check out some of the most popular Nikon lenses and weed my way through them to find the best in weight, all round versatility, image quality and focal length for travel.

    The Best Travel Lens
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  • Landscape Photography | Fairy Pools | Scotland

    I’ve been wanting to photograph the beautiful Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in Scotland for some time. The water was bitterly cold and although not that deep as I discovered, I had waders which enabled me to stay in position long enough to get the shot. Oh, and talk to you lovely people as well.

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    Fairy Pools Scotland
    The infamous Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
  • Photographing Iceland – YouTube


    Iceland Photography


    Exciting news with the release of my brand new YouTube channel.  Just search Adrian Alford Photography on YouTube, click on the above picture or you can click the tab at the top of my website which will take you straight there.


    My first videos will showcase my adventure to Iceland, one of the most stunning landscape countries on Earth.  Watch me visit some of the most remote locations and witness incredible displays from the famous northern lights.  I took 8 cameras with me on this trip including the Mavic Pro drone which captured some amazing footage from the air.  Short videos will tell the story from each location I visit, the photographic techniques I use and the resulting images I achieve.


    Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of the action.  Trust me, there really IS some action including damage to gear, injuries, cyclonic weather, flat tyres and probably one of the most scariest moments in my life when I almost get wind swept off a mountain at Landmannalaugar.  But in between all this I still manage to capture some incredible images that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.


    In the future, I plan to use my YouTube channel to do more video on adventure photography tutorials to different countries around the world, along with road test the latest gear in photography, drones and technology.


    Anyway, enough of me typing, head on over to my YouTube channel and catch me talking to you while doing what I love, PHOTOGRAPHY!