• Day 3 Cook Islands

    Up to shoot the sunrise and beginning of the Adrian Alford Photography video which you will see completed mid 2013 on this website.  Basically the video will detail more about my photography, my techniques and some of the stunning places I get to visit.  It will appear under the “About Adrian” tab.


    Had to go into the main town of Avarua to get my Cook Islands drivers licence for the scooter.  Even though I have a drivers licence and international drivers licence they still require you to have a “Cook Islands” drivers licence.  There is one main road that goes around the circumference of Rarotonga so it’s pretty hard to get lost.  I had a bit of fun with the drives licence picture and nailed “Blue Steel” hehe 🙂


    I then went to Wigmore’s waterfall in the middle of the island.  It was this perfect little oasis and I got a lot of different angles.  The best part was when the sun came out and dappled across the waterfall and green mossed ledge side, beautiful.  The mosquitos were pretty thick though.  My camera and scooter were covered in them as they’re attracted to black.  I did however have some tropical strength insect repellent (which coincidentally had just picked up from a store) so that kept them at bay thankfully.


    Did more scouting and found some good spots for more shots.


    In the afternoon I made my way over to the deserted Taakoka island via kayak in the middle of Muri Lagoon.  Took the Gopro Hero 3 camera and found a perfect spot to go snorkelling.  Got some incredible video footage and stills of the different fish, corals and bombies.  The best shot however was when I surfaced and discovered a single yellow hibiscus flower floating in the middle of the ocean.  I got a terrific shot as it floated by (see insert).  I am now using it as my blog background 🙂


    Found the perfect beach to take another sunset shot.  Unfortunately the sunset was a complete dud this evening.  But will return to the same spot tomorrow and hopefully get a better shot.

  • Day 2 Cook Islands

    CoconutSPECTACULAR sunrise this morning so took full advantage with the silhouette of islands in the lagoon.  Lots of clouds with pink, orange and purple colours.  Probably some of the best sunrise shots I’ve ever taken.  These will be available to view and buy very soon from this website, stay tuned.


    I secured my scooter for getting around the island for the rest of the week.  Love my scooters, just so much fun!  They’re also economical, easy parking and they can get you into places cars can’t.  Great for photography.


    Shot pics for new exciting website soon to launch called slimbirdy.com.  I have a feeling this website will be a HUGE hit in the future, so keep your eyes out for that one.  It concentrates on healthy living tips, delicious recipes, fun exercise and much much more.


    In the afternoon I did a bit of scouting for locations, then shot a beautiful sunset on the western side of the island.


    Off to shoot night shots with bright stars over islands.


    Loving this place so much!  🙂

  • Day 1 Cook Islands

    Taakoka IslandAfter a long flight and arriving at 1am in Rarotunga, it was relieving to get to my accom at Muri Beach.  Given the late hour, I could not resist to go down to the waters edge in front of my bungalow.  I looked up to see the milky way in a bright cloudless night sky over the silhouette of a small island out in the lagoon.  Pricelsss moment.


    Upon waking I discovered an oasis lagoon with water so blue it was like someone had tipped coloured dye into the water.  I have been blessed with beautiful weather today to get my initial shots around the Muri Beach area.  Remote lttle islands lay within the lagoon so I grabbed a kayak and paddled out to do a recky for some potential shots on one of the islands.  Found some great spots.


    Once again luck was upon me and a group of young local children had a sailing regatta in the lagoon.  Their miniature sailing boats were too cute, and boy could they go!  Got some wonderful shots as they raced around the lagoon.


    Such a magnificent first day and I still have all week to enjoy.  Am really looking forward to it.

    Sunrise and sunset shots again tomorrow.  Have found some nice locations to shoot from.

    I also have a new best friend in a little cat who follows me around everywhere getting under my feet hence her nickname CIC.  Short for Cook Islands Cat.