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  • Day 4 Venice

    Day 4 Venice – Today was my last day in Venice and it was also the best.   It started early up at 5am and the great thing about that was I had St Mark’s Square all to myself.  That meant I could get some good wide shots without any people in them.  It also gave me the opportunity to just take in the beautiful designs on the buildings and think about the history that was attached to them.  As the sun came up it gave everything a subtle glow.  Such a contrast between when the place is full of tourists and when it is empty.  I’ll take the empty option anyday.   After…

  • Day 3 Venice

    Day 3 Venice –  Today was the best day I have had with the camera in Venice.  I stumbled upon this pretty cool spot where they keep all the gondolas overnight.  Captured some pretty good angles and had no one around to bother me as it was early.   Then I headed off to the small island of Burano about 40 mins out of San Marco.  This place was amazing!  It had bright multi coloured houses and buildings which made for some great shots.  Accompanied by beautiful little gardens everywhere Burano seemed surreal.  Like a little paradise away from everything.   Night shots tonight, hopefully capture some creative canal shots.

  • Day 2 Venice

    Day 2 Venice – Today was slightly better as it was not as crowded in Venice like yesterday.  I started off by getting away from the main area and headed to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.  I went into the church there which was pretty impressive and took the lift to the belfry.  From there you can get 360 degree views of Venice, got some great shots and panoramas.   After that I headed back to the main island where I saw colourful street characters and learnt that it is best to avoid the area around St Mark’s Square.  It is a tourist mecca filled to the brim with Japanese and…

  • Day 1 Venice

    Day 1 Venice –  It’s ok I won’t hit you with any, “who left the tap running” jokes.  I have arrived in Venice.  Had a good trip from Lake Como but was sad to say good bye to Jennine and Luca.  The train journey was quite good and I got to take in a lot of the Italian countryside.  Unfortunately it appears I timed my run into Venice at the same time there was some rowing regatta on with hundreds of rowers choking the canals.  This of course threw the transport system into chaos and it did take some time to get to my hotel.  The ferry was so packed I…