Viltrox AF 13mm F1.4 Z Lens Review

I think the reasons why this Z lens will sell fast is because when it comes to F1.4 prime lenses for Nikon Z cameras, the choices are few and far between. The Viltrox 13mm F1.4 is an APS-C (aka DX) Z mount lens designed specifically for the Nikon Z50 and Zfc cameras. You can also buy this lens for Sony and Fuji APS-C digital cameras.

YES! Owners of Nikon Z50 & Zfc cameras can now rejoice as there is finally a fast F1.4 wide angle Z mount prime lens you can use for video, vlogging, astro, landscape, architecture. street photography and more! I have tested this lens on the Nikon Z50 and the results were outstanding! I had so much FUN with this amazing little lens.

For more information on the Viltrox 13mm F1.4 Lens, and for special discounted offers – check out this link:

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Viltrox AF 13mm F1.4 Z lens
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